Combining Ability Analysis for Growth and Yield Components of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Sudan Savannah

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Abdulwahab Saliu Shaibu Faiza Yusuf Mustapha Babu N Motagi


A study was conducted at Teaching and Research farm of Bayero University Kano, Nigeria, to determine the combining ability of 48 single cross hybrids of groundnut which were generated using a 6 × 8 line by tester mating design. The crosses were laid out in an 8 × 6 randomized Incomplete Block Design. Data were collected on phenological and agronomic traits. The results revealed significant variability for line, tester, and line × tester effects for some of the studied traits. Non-additive gene action was more than additive gene action in the inheritance of majority of studied traits. IGG-X 4 had the best GCA for pod weight among the set of genotype studied.  The cross, ICGV-SM 07539 x ICG 3584 had highest SCA value for pod dry weight, number of pod per plant, number of seed per pod and number of matured pods. Therefore, these traits could be improved by selection of crosses with high SCA effects. Furthermore, parents with good per se performance and significant GCA effects for some traits can also be selected as testers for future breeding programs. The study indicated the importance of yield components like number of pods per plant and pod dry weight in breeding programs intended to improve yield of groundnut genotypes.  


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Shaibu, A., Mustapha, F., & Motagi, B. (2018). Combining Ability Analysis for Growth and Yield Components of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Sudan Savannah. Advances in Agricultural Science, 6(4), 12-18. Retrieved from


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