Effect of foliar spraying with potassium dehydrogenase phosphate and yeast extract on yield and fruit quality of Sukary date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in Saudi Arabia Date palm and yeast foliarapplication

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Alaa El-Din K. Omar Rashed S. Al-Obeed Mahmoud A. Ahmed


As a natural bio-stimulant, bread yeast has an influence on growth, yield and fruit quality of many crops. This research was conducted during two successive seasons, 2013 and 2014, in order to study the effect of spraying with yeast and potassium dehydrogenase phosphate (KH2PO4) on yield, bunch weight and fruit quality of 13 year old Sukary date palm. Five spraying treatments were performed with control (water only), potassium dehydrogenase phosphate  at 1 and 2%, and yeast at 4 and 8%. These treatments were applied once at 4 weeks after pollination or twice at 4 week after pollination, repeated after another 4 weeks. All treatments with yeast or potassium dehydrogenase phosphate twice had a pronounced effect compared with the control fruit during both seasons.  Spraying Sukary date palms twice with potassium dehydrogenase phosphate (2%) was effective in improving yield, bunch weight and fruit physical characteristics, while spraying yeast (4 and 8%) improved soluble solids content (SSC), and total and reducing sugars.  


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Omar, A. E.-D., Al-Obeed, R., & Ahmed, M. (2018). Effect of foliar spraying with potassium dehydrogenase phosphate and yeast extract on yield and fruit quality of Sukary date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in Saudi Arabia. Advances in Agricultural Science, 6(3), 25-32. Retrieved from http://aaasjournal.org/submission/index.php/aaas/article/view/74


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