Evaluation of the effect of mouldboard plow and tied-ridger on wheat productivity in Atsibi and Ganta Afeshum districts, Ethiopia

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Mulubrehan Kifle Gebremariam Yaebiyo Dimtsu Tesfay Gebretsadikan


Ethiopian agriculture is characterized by traditional farming techniques and it is affected by soil moisture deficiency. Hence, an experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of mould board plow and tied ridge on wheat productivity in G/Afeshum and Atsbi districts. Four test plots for the comparison were laid on a single farmer’s land and this was replicated among six farmers. The treatments were plowing with local maresha (control), mouldboard, mouldboard plow and tied with tie-ridger, local maresha and tied with tie-ridger. Cost and benefit analysis was employed to conduct the economic feasibility of the improved farm implements. The results revealed that the highest yield (2870 kgha-1 in Atsibi and 2950 kgha-1 in G/Afeshum) and lowest yield (2130 kgha-1 in Atsibi and 1972 kgha-1 in G/Afeshum) were recorded from mouldboard and tied-ridge plow and local maresha plow, respectively. The highest net benefit (14,730 ETBha-1 in Atsibi and 17,770 ETBha-1 in G/Afeshum) was obtained from using the mouldboard and tie-ridger in both districts. Whereas the lowest net benefit (10,926 ETBha-1 in Atsibi and 11,995 ETBha-1) was recorded in using local maresha in both districts. This indicates that using both the mouldboard and tie-ridger can bring additional benefit to the farming community. Most of the farmers have perceived the tied-ridger to be more effective in moisture conservation than the local ‘Dugree’. They stated that mouldboard plows deeper so that the residuals and weed were buried deep inside and changed into compost. Therefore, there should be institutional services that facilitate an access for the implements.  


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Kifle, M., Dimtsu, G. Y., & Gebretsadikan, T. (2018). Evaluation of the effect of mouldboard plow and tied-ridger on wheat productivity in Atsibi and Ganta Afeshum districts, Ethiopia. Advances in Agricultural Science, 6(3), 17-24. Retrieved from http://aaasjournal.org/submission/index.php/aaas/article/view/71


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