Determination of Genetic Variation for Earliness, Yield and Fiber Traits in Advance Lines of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) :Diversity analysis of some advance cotton lines

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Jehanzeb Farooq Muhammad Rizwan Sadaf Saleem Iram Sharif Shahid Munir Chohan Muhammad Riaz Farrukh Ilhae Riaz Ahmad Kainth


The genetic components, genetic variability, correlation and path analysis between yield, fiber quality and earliness traits were evaluated in 18 advance lines of cotton along with two checks. The values of heritability were higher for yield and quality parameters, but for earliness traits heritability was moderate. The results of correlation coefficients for days to flower initiation, boll weight, GOT%, sympodia branches and boll number per plant showed significant positive genotypic and phenotypic associations with seed cotton yield. Maximum values of direct effects on yield were also observed for these traits. The results of principal component analysis revealed that 4 four components contributed 78% of total variation. Cluster analysis showed that genotypes in cluster-II viz: FH-488, FH-490, FH-142, FH-451, FH-452, FH-453, FH-455 are exploitable not only for hybridization purpose but also some of the genotypes in this cluster may be recommended for testing in national and provincial trials.  


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Farooq, J., Rizwan, M., Saleem, S., Sharif, I., Munir Chohan, S., Riaz, M., Ilhae, F., & Ahmad Kainth, R. (2018). Determination of Genetic Variation for Earliness, Yield and Fiber Traits in Advance Lines of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum). Advances in Agricultural Science, 6(2), 59-74. Retrieved from


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