The Performance of Aquacrop to simulate variability of vegetative growth under deficit and non deficit irrigation

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Hiba Ghazouani Basma Latrech Mguidich belhaj Amal Cherni Amani Boutheina Douh M’hamdi Ghazouani Issam Abdelhamid Boujelben


In this study, Aquacrop was calibrated to estimate effects of different irrigation management on canopy cover development and water contents under the semiarid condition of Tunisia. Calibration procedure aimed to define the parameters to be changed from the default values set on Aquacrop. Results from the calibration process showed that to reproduce dynamic of field canopy growth function, it was necessary to calibrate initial canopy cover, maximal canopy cover, development rate of canopy cover and the daily coefficient decline.   Soil function was set according to measurement of water contents of field capacity, wilting point and saturated hydraulic conductivity. Results showed that the model was able to simulate canopy cover (CC) and water contents (?v) RMSE lower than 6% for conopy development and than 0.03 cm3.cm3 for water contents. However, values of E were close to 1 for both parameters. Being assessed, this model could be used to study effects of different irrigation strategies on dynamic of vegetative growth and water contents from full and deficit irrigation.


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Ghazouani, H., Latrech, B., belhaj Amal, M., Amani, C., Douh M’hamdi, B., Issam, G., & Boujelben, A. (2019). The Performance of Aquacrop to simulate variability of vegetative growth under deficit and non deficit irrigation. Advances in Agricultural Science, 7(2), 113-122. Retrieved from


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