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Dear Colleague,

In an effort to promote Advances in Agricultural Science (AAS) ( internationally, Advances in Agricultural Science (AAS) is seeking scholars interested in serving as Editorial Board Members in various journal sections. If you are interested, please download the Invitation Letter and submit the completed form via e-mail to

The primary responsibility of an editorial board member will be to help with peer reviewing and if possible solicit papers for the journal. If the applicant’s profile is found suitable for a higher position, the applicant may be offered the position of Regional Editor.

As an Editorial Board Member you will be expected to perform the following responsibilities:

•   Review 2 to 3 new papers per Quarter.
•   Review revised manuscripts.
•   Produce supportive and useful reviews.
•   Participate in internal quality improvement activities (e.g., answer surveys, review new forms and procedures, provide feedback).
•   Communicate with editors in a timely and professional manner.

Benefits of the position include

•   Joining an exciting virtual community dedicated to improving qualitative research scholarship and scholars.
•   Collaborating with an international editorial leadership team.
•   Mentoring authors from around the world.
•   Learning a novel and effective approach to reviewing scholarly papers.
•   Participating in research projects to improve the editorial process.
•   Learning to use new software applications for reviewing and editing.
•   Improving your own scholarly writing.
•   Acquiring knowledge on the latest innovations in qualitative inquiry.
•   Gaining a valuable credential for tenure and promotion review.

>>>> Download Invitation Form<<<<